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Wine of the Month: St. Donat Tropusi Laguna 2016

Meet August's Wine of the Month: St Donat Tropusi Laguna, Hungary

This gorgeous sunshine-ready white wine is made from Hungary's most famous grape variety, Furmint. It's part of the St Donat winery's "Soil Stories" range, which aims to showcase the unique terroir of the Lake Balaton region - one of the most beautiful places to visit on earth.

In this case, Tropusi Laguna translates to "Tropical Lagoon" and references the days when dinosaurs roamed along the lakeside in the Jurassic period. During this time, volcanoes erupted and laid layers of mineral volcanic soils that today contribute to the fresh, mouth-watering quality that can be found in the region's white wines.

Tropusi Laguna is seriously easy-drinking and a superb pairing with seafood, especially crab, and also sings alongside a white pizza or a helping of crumbly goat's cheese. It's all about summer and, at this great price point, we've no doubt it'll impress.

You can buy St Donat Tropusi Laguna online here. RRP: £12.95, Only £10.36 throughout August!

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