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Driving in the Snow & Rain

Are you comfortable driving in the snow and rain? There have been some harsh winters in recent years that have made driving conditions on roads extremely challenging. If you lost control of your car would you know what to do?

Every skid is different, they vary in many ways but the one thing they all have in common is the fact the driver lost control of the vehicle, which is an indication that safe limits were not being adhered to.

Through careful observation, anticipation and planning your journey, accidents can be avoided.  Most skids happen within a mile of where people live because drivers become complacent on roads known to them.

The cause of a skid is almost always the driver and not the weather!  It is about driving to suit the conditions at the time.  Some people think ice is the only risk, but extreme weather including snow, heavy rain, slippery leaves and even fog can affect how safe we are on the roads.

While modern vehicles are fitted with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) which provide a certain amount of steering potential, during excessive or sudden braking, it does not prevent skidding!

So how do you keep in control and reduce the risk of skidding?

By taking part in a skid control course will give you techniques to enhance your driving skills and hazard awareness.  Defensive driving techniques are quickly becoming a necessity on British roads.  Vehicle technology is constantly changing, and so too is the driving environment.  Ensure your knowledge and driving skills keep up with the flow – if you get left behind, you may become the hazard!

Top Driving Tips:

  • Allow a sensible distance when following other cars
  • Slowdown in built up areas
  • Anticipate the actions of other road users – particularly pedestrians
  • Before a corner, ensure your vehicle is in the correct position
  • Travel in the correct gear
  • Drive at the right speed and appropriately for the conditions

Drive-Tech’s skid control courses teach defensive car control.  We provide the cars and instruction to equip you with skills that may one day prove vital.  The half-day course is great fun as well as invaluable training!

Gift vouchers are available and make great presents at any time of the year!

For further information on driving in the snow and rain, or to book a course please call a member of the Drive-Tech team on 01249 783010, email or get in touch HERE!

Written by Drive-Tech Ltd

Drive-Tech Ltd

Drive-Tech Ltd

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