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Wine of the Month: Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir 2013

Meet September's Wine of the Month: Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir, England

As we start approaching Autumn and enjoy the last few days of sunny weather, it's party season in September! We don't think you can get any more playful than Bolney Estate's sparkling red wine. It's ripe and fruity, so easy-going and works well lightly chilled, so you don't have to worry about submerging it in ice every ten minutes.

It's made entirely from the Dornfelder grape, a simple red grape variety that ripens easily in the English climate. The inky-red coloured wine it makes is an ideal match with BBQ meats, cheese or party pastries like sausage rolls and crisps. 

It's a little pricier than Prosecco but it's not every day you get to serve something so out of the ordinary as an English red bubbly. Also winemaker Sam Linter gives popular Aussie sparkling reds a good run for the money - this English style is much fresher and more pleasant than its rich Aussie rivals. 

If you fancy putting something different on at your BBQ or summer party before Autumn swings by, Bolney Cuvee Noir is the best bet for you!

You can buy Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir 2013 online here. RRP £24.95, Only £19.96 throughout September!

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